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      1.  推荐产品

          Weifanq Zhida SPeciaI Ce ramics Co,Ltd is a P rivate hiqh-tech enle rp rise,which specializes in P roducina reaction bonded siIicon ca rbide P roducts The companv was abIished in 2003 with reqiste red caPifaI of eiqht miIIion RMB The re a re 1 20 emPIoyees,mosl advanced hiqh tempe ratu re vacuum sinte rinq fu rnaces,as weII as aII kinds of machininq equiPments。The annuI P roduclion is mo re fhan 350 tons The fuII sef technoIoqies we re impo rted from Ge rmanv We a re P roducinq hiqh Pe rfo rmance siIicon ca rbide products as Pe r Eu roPean standa rd,and the auaIitv has reached the inte rnationaI advanced IeveI
          The p roducts have supe rio r p rope rties such as high ternpe ratu re tolerance,co rrosion resistance wea r resistance,high bending st rength,and excellent the rmal conductivity
          The Products are widely used in industrial kiIns,desuIphu rization equipments,and large boile rs,as weII as othe r fields such as metalIu rgical indust ry.machine ry industry.elect ronic industry chemical and oiI industry,iron and steeI,ce ramics,paper making,mining industry,nuclear indust ry and national defence indust ry,etc
          The p roducts are expo rted to mo re than 20 COUntries,such as U S A,Ge rmany,Aust ra¨a,Italy,India,Tu rkey,I ran,U K,Japan,Ko rea,Thalland,Vietnam,etc.